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Why did I suddenly decide in my late 50s that quilting would be fun? I think it was all the beautiful fabric. I set out to get a sewing machine to make alterations (I am short and getting shorter). Alterations are clearly not my thing, but when I bought the machine, I saw these lovely, lovely fabrics and quilting classes at my LQS. After my first class, when I couldn't even wind a bobbin, despite home ec in 7th grade, I was hooked on quilting.

So, now I add beginning quilter to my list of what I think defines me. Add to that traveler, cat lover, friend, responsible bum, English as a Second Language instructor, lover of all things tech, and you get a feel for who I am. I have a lovely husband who makes me crazy on a regular basis, but who is also my best friend. Together we share six--I am not kidding--cats. 

I love to laugh--what is life without laughter! Snorting coffee or laughing until you cannot breathe anymore is joyous. One of my favorite memories is starting to work with only a black slip when I was living in Germany. It was raining and my slip was just as flowing as my skirt--add a raincoat and being late to work, and I swear it is easy to forget your skirt!  When I noticed that I only had on a slip, I started laughing so hard, I almost wrecked my car. I was doubly late for work that day. Mornings are not my favorite parts of the day.

I have yet to snort coffee over a quilt, but I am sure that will come because I am constantly making mistakes--really hilariously funny mistakes--on my quilts. That is part of the joy of learning a new skill--laughing at what you are doing wrong.

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