Friday, December 5, 2014

Porter Flea Market - Nashville

I am going to my first pop-up Modern Handmade Market tomorrow - the Porter Flea Market. It should be really, really good. It is a juried show with multiple vendors, including some sewists. Craft South, Anna Maria Horner's company will be there. Oh Just Dandy looks really cool if you have babies who need Christmas presents. She has baby bibs and burp cloths made from Cotton & Steel fabrics!

Some of the items will be totally affordable - $8 for a Cotton & Steel baby bib. Other things will be beyond what I am willing to pay - e.g., small absolutely adorable earrings for $150. Everyone should be paid for their work, so I actually think $8 is too low and $150 acceptable for some, but not for me. Both vendors likely know their markets, so I guess the prices are fair for them. How do you decide on a price?

I have had two people ask me to make quilts for them. Both have said they will pay for the quilts. I declined both offers because how do you charge a fair price for your labor, the material, and your creativity? I agree with Sam Hunter and her We are $ew Worth It post. However, I do not feel that I am up to Sam Hunter's level of creativity and skill. So, what would I charge?

The local guild members here say 7 cents a square inch is the going rate - that is $400 for a twin-sized quilt. Whoa! Hmmmm. I do not think my quilting is up to a $400 level. I may get there, but for now I am just going to give my quilts away and enjoy the process.

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