Saturday, May 17, 2014

Quilted Cat Pads

While I realize it may be a little strange to title a post "quilted cat pads," I have made a cat pad with leftover cutouts from another project. I made the cat pad because one of my cats, Willow, loves to sit with me while I quilt. The problem is that she sits ON whatever it is I am quilting. If you know anything about cats, you will see that Willow is NOT happy about me nudging her off the quilt.

Talk about tiny stitches when you are trying to quilt with an 11-pound cat on your quilt. Because she is normally a very sweet cat, I decided to make her a cat pad. It had to be quilted because she only sits on the quilted parts--a picky cat.

At first, she didn't seem that enthused about her own quilt, but seems to have warmed up to it. I will really see if it is going to work when I quilt another largish quilt on my machine and stretch it out across the table.  Below are two photos, unfortunately on a cloudy day, of the cat pad--based on monochromatic napkins designed by Rachel of Stitched on Color for her color theory class. I learned a lot in that class! I love these colors and have to get back to my LQS to buy some more fabric before it is gone. Once I buy more, I will post the fabric information.

Jaspyrr just totally ignored the quilt, so it is a good thing I didn't make him one! Please ignore the weeds in the photo. I really have to get out there and plant some catnip or something prettier.

Tallulah, on the other hand, wanted to make the quilt her own. I guess she gets the next quilted cat pad.


  1. The best way to get a cat to sit on something is either to pretend you don't want them to, or give the impression that it is something that you are trying to give your full attention to - that always works for me! You have very lucky cats:-)

  2. Isn't that the truth about when cats become interested! Silly cats!!

  3. Hi Debby: My cat always sits on my quilts as well. Good Idea to make a special mat. The mat looks very well made...and the colours are lovely. I hope it works but I'm thinking the cat may prefer the quilts you are working on.

  4. Thank you, Lisa! I think you're right. The cat is going to sit on the bigger quilt and ignore her cat pad, but I had to try. :-). Plus it gave me something small to practice on.