Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sewing Room/Office

Well, I haven't blogged in a very, very long time. Today, however, I have finally gotten my sewing room/office almost back in order, so I decided I would post some photos of my slightly moved around room.

I started off by moving EVERYTHING, but even though there was more open space in the small room so it looked bigger, it just wasn't convenient. So, this morning I moved it back to the original configuration, minus the Ikea Cube shelving and big leather office chair. I moved all my batting (I can't resist buying it when it is on sale) to the closet, the fabric to the bookshelf - wish it were closed (if wishes were horses)-- and ironing board to a permanent location in front of the closet door. I figured it would be easy to move if I need something from the closet. Having the ironing board set up makes ironing a lot easier.

My design wall is still plastic tablecloths tacked wrong side out on the walls, but the fabric stays and they are easy to put up and down.

On a non-organizational note, I want to eventually repaint the walls. When I originally painted them, I thought I was getting sage green. It was mint! So, I "ragged" it with a "sagier" color, but that didn't work either. By then, I was wiped out and 8 years later, I still have ragged minty walls. I am thinking pale lavender or a true sage green. Of course, I don't plan on doing that any time soon. Have quilts to make!

Here is the "new-old" sewing room. (And yes, I have still not finished the heart quilt. I am working on mug rugs as prizes for a contest for my class.)

The sewing place with a small ironing table beside the sewing machine. FYI, I now have a Juki for quilting. I was having no fun forcing big quilts through my Bernina 350. Love the Bernina still, but could not afford a Bernina with a bigger throat.

The ironing board's permanent location. When I repaint the room, I will finish repainting the door. :-)

My messy bookcase with fabric and Juki. Finished quilts/project are stored on top of the bookcase covered by old sarongs. Eventually, I will make a quilt out of the sarongs I collected during my travels. One shelf remains for academic books. However, most of those books are now in the guest bedroom/junk room. We are slowly eliminating/giving away/donating items we don't use anymore. I am trying to do a "bag" a week. 

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