Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Heart wants what the Heart wants!

Well, piecing off and on all day. Ripping out seams, re-gluing seams, having a good sewing day. The front of my Heart quilt is finally done. I will post a photo tomorrow when day comes again.

Now, the question becomes do I have enough time to quilt it before the ::Angled:: Camp begins. Answer: No! All of my sewing has to be finished by Wednesday evening. I am hoping (fingers crossed) to get the back done before then.

My husband and I are headed to Arkansas to consult with my dad on final choices on the house that is being rebuilt. If you go back far enough on the blog, you will see that we had a major tragedy in February and rebuilding the house in Arkansas for my dad has consumed a lot of my time and energy. I have even started meditating, which I really enjoy, to help with the stress of it all. The stress is now more bearable.

It also really helps that the house is coming along, so now decisions about color, bathroom fixtures, curtains, granite all come pouring in. I am overwhelmed by choice. Just looking at bathroom mirrors today threw me into a tizzy. It doesn't help that we are 7 hours away. My dad, who is 82, cannot make all the decisions alone.

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  1. Ohh I can feel your pain girl! We just had the kitchen and flooring redone at my father's house, and all of the decisions decisions decisions were exhausting. Not to mention the things that you don't expect to go wrong that do. That meditation stuff sounds like a good idea! Good luck with the reno.