Sunday, February 23, 2014

Concentration Waining

I really, really thought that getting back into quilting would help me recover from my grief. While I enjoy reading about quilting on the blogs I follow and reading about color in my color course and watching Craftsy videos. I have taken ALL day to cut out 3.5 inch squares for my monochromatic napkin. We are talking about 36 squares here--not 336.

Because my stash was not monochromatic--all my fabrics seem to have more than one color and I don't have a good stash of solids--have to work on that--, I spent time in my LQS yesterday picking out monochromatic fabrics in colors I really like. Now, at home, however, I find that my enthusiasm for the colors has disappeared. This has become a project to get through, not one I am enjoying. Maybe I needed to start with warm colors, like yellow/orange instead of the cool colors.

I know time will help me heal from the fire and death of my mother, but thoughts of her pop into my head regularly. One of the last things we discussed was how she didn't quite see me as a quilter. My next project is going to be the quilt we decided at Christmas that I would make for her. She helped me pick the fabric and the design. I wish she were here to watch it come to life.

Below is the aqua napkin pre-sewing. 

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