Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fabric Sale: Oh No!

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh no! Dorothy I am not, but I am afraid of fabric sales--I buy too much! Today is the last day of Textile Fabrics' (Nashville, TN) annual sale. ALL fabric is 40% off! I managed to avoid going for a month--telling myself I have enough fabric--but who can ever have enough beautiful fabric? Yesterday I caved and walked away with a massive, massive addition to my stash and no room to store it!

My favorites, random as they are, include
  • Acacia by Tula Pink print (the purple flowers below) 
  • Collage by Carrie Bloomston for Such Designs (the red with print stripes)
  • In My Room by Jeanean Morrison for FreeSpirit (the orange/gray flowers)
  • Gypsy Bandana by Pillows & Maxfield, Michael Miller fabrics (the red with green flowers) 
  • Bon Appetit by Whistler Studios for Windham (black and white print).
I limited myself to five, but I love all the others too. Truthfully, that is not exactly true. Some I bought because I never buy light hues and needed some in my stash and I could see them as fillers. I like the fillers, don't love them.  You have to have some contrast in your quilts!

Here are the rest. To get the 40% off, I had to buy a yard each, so I have fabric for awhile. I usually buy fat quarters or 1/2 yards.

Even though you cannot see it, the black polka dot has yellow in it too. It actually looks good with the red stripe/print at the other end of the table. The brown/orangish polka dot is prettier "in person," but is more of a like than a love.

I am a huge fan of gray, but in completing a project noticed I didn't have any black in my stash, so added this printed black. Got 3 yards of the gray with circles because I can so see that as part of an interesting back to a quilt.

Anna Marie Horner, Tula Pink, and a cool modern backing type of fabric.

 Truthfully, the beigy one in the middle is the another one I just like.

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