Sunday, December 15, 2013

100 Days?

I don't know if any of you have seen or heard of the video blogging site "Give It 100 Days." Actually a cool site, where a woman who quit a high tech job gave herself 100 days to learn to dance and video-blogged it every day. She has now created the site above where you can video blog your own 100 days.

Well, I cannot quite see video-blogging my quilting, but I am in my own 100 days of practice and I am slowly improving. I am not sure I will EVER piece accurately since it takes precise cutting and 1/4" seams that don't meander around a little.  In the close-up, you can see what I mean. A little seam meandering led to a corner that is off kilter (and that is not the only one).

But, I am currently living by the "if I cannot see it from 10 paces, it is okay" rule. My quilt top at 10 paces looks okay to me!

The quilt is my take on Elizabeth Hartman's Scattered Squares quilt from her Craftsy class. I am pretending that I did not hear her say that modern quilts don't have borders. I am also pretending that I "like" the stripes that go across because I was too lazy to measure and piece the gray and gray/pink alphabet print side pieces.

My quilt turned out this way because I just couldn't see my brother and his wife hanging the small interior section on one of their walls, but I could see them using it as a throw. Hence adding the extra borders. Of course, now I have to quilt a bigger quilt in my tiny-throated, but absolutely lovely Bernina 350. The 10 paces rule works really well then!

I hope you enjoy part of my 100 day journey by blog (and without the dedication to blogging daily). Maybe I will get better at blogging also!

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