Monday, December 2, 2013


My paternal grandmother quilted. But, because I didn't think quilting would ever be "my thing," I never learned to quilt from her. I was left with one impression though--machine quilting is bad. Hand quilting is the ONLY way to go.

So, now I am in my late 50s and decided I wanted to try sewing and have discovered an absolute LOVE of quilting--machine quilting that is. As a cousin told me: "Your granny would turn over in her grave." I think she is just happy that I am quilting.

I am still learning, so my quilts are flawed, but it is calming to make your cuts precise, then piece and sew--as long as I don't have to do points. I find points fiddly. Maybe some day they will be relaxing also, but I'm not there yet.

My first completed quilt is the background for this blog. I really like it--flaws and all. I LOVE the colors, which led me to the title of my blog: Sweet Succotash.

Thanks to the Cathy and Carolyn at the Bernina Sewing Station in Brentwood, Tennessee for helping me choose fabric and the class that helped me start this quilt.

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