Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quarter Seams: Mission Impossible

Good god! I swear to you on my grandmother's grave that I watch the pesky quarter inch mark on my sewing machine. No crossed fingers, no exaggeration. Why, oh why do my seams NEVER EVER match??

I read that I should put electric tape on my machine to help my lines stay straight. Am I focusing too much on the 1/4 in mark near the foot? With my "oldish" eyes the mark is not all that easy to see. How do quilter's do it? I see these gorgeous quilts with points and matched seams and start thinking that I have a quilting defect! Of course, my aversion to using my seam ripper might have something to do with it. I cannot quite see ripping out a seam that is just so almost right! I don't think I see any quilting ribbons in my future.

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