Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jelly Charm Mistakes

Well, in my "on a roll" sewing, I made a major--now I have to rip seams--mistake. I love the quilt, but I am not going to be able to make squares of sashing that match unless I rip.

I like the blue around the piano keys, but those of you who know how to quilt will see my problem. If I add the blue sashing to the top and bottom, then I will not have a square of blue, but instead a strip of blue going all the way across the quilt. I have done this before.  See the photo below. For that quilt, I thought--oh never mind, it will look fine. For this quilt, I want a square, so out comes the seam ripper.

I didn't just mess up the sashing. In my last blog post, I mentioned trying to nest seams, so "refolding" as I sewed. Here is the mess you end up with. Thank goodness I figured out it didn't work rather quickly, so I don't have too much of this. Now, as a beginning quilter, I think--it is on the back, so it shouldn't matter. From reading blogs and taking Craftsy courses from experienced quilters, I know that this seam will create a lump in my quilt. I didn't rip this. I am going to live with the lump.

Oh the joys of learning to quilt by video and blog. If I had been taking a face-to-face class, I doubt I would have made these mistakes, but since the local courses are offered primarily when I am at work, Craftsy and blogs are now my companions. I need to join a quild.

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