Friday, January 3, 2014

Mickey Mouse Tote

I like it, but it took me waaay longer to make than it should have. I ripped out more seams than I care to admit from sheer carelessness (e.g., right side to wrong side). I didn't have a pattern, but based the tote on Jenny Doan's charm pack bags tutorial. I love the Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorials. They have taught me to sew.

Now I am getting close to having all of my Christmas presents -- now New Year's presents -- finished. Have to quilt two lap throws--have the quilt sandwiches. One of my brothers told me he had gotten used to getting Christmas presents in April. I am going to try to break the April record.

Still have to cut and piece a final quilt and I am done! It is clearly going to take me a month or so to get the remainder done.

All I can say is that it is a good thing that quilting is fun because otherwise I would be stressed. I may actually be slightly stressed. I took on too many projects in too short a time, especially since I am a new quilter.

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