Sunday, January 19, 2014

Owl Backing

I guess I really should be finished with the Hoot Hoot Owl quilt by now, but the semester just started up again and I had some volunteer work to finish up, so I have just now cut binding strips and the backing for the quilt. I plan to make the quilt sandwich sometime today while we have slightly warmer temperatures and sun!

To make my quilt sandwiches, I drag a table out of the basement onto the driveway and use GIANT binder clips to put it all together. I saw one woman use her design wall, but I am worried about getting 501 spray all over my sewing room. I think if I had to use pins to bind I might just not quilt because making the sandwich is my LEAST favorite part. I might not mind it as much if I had a dedicated space for making the sandwich, but I don't, so that is that. You work with what you have.

So, I will upload a photo of my "sandwich making" process once I get to it, but for now here is what I am using for the Hoot Hoot backing and binding. I think it will look so cute for a little girl.

A different quilt, but the sandwich-making process is the same. My husband is very useful for this part. Maybe I'll be able to train him to make all my quilt sandwiches! That would be FABULOUS!

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